Volgograd, Gramshi st. 4
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Excursions to the museum "Old Sarepta" in Volgograd
At your request, we will be able to calculate the cost of an excursion to Zarephta for any number of people. Please also note that on holiday dates the cost of the tour may increase.

The cost of the tour includes a guide and transfer (when ordering). The entrance fees to the museum-reserve, guide overtime, excursion in a foreign language, meals are additionally paid. Also, when traveling, it is necessary to provide for personal expenses for souvenirs and other trifles.

An individual excursion to the “Old Zarepta” can be organized any day and any time. If possible, book a tour in advance!

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Photo: Olga Ibragimova, Alexey Sinenky, Ilya Shuvalov.