Volgograd, Gramshi st. 4
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Hotel "Start" invites to cooperate:

Hotel "Start" cooperates with tour operators, agencies and other organizations that need to organize accommodation in Volgograd.

Cooperation with the hotel provides for the possibility of providing benefits related to the cost of hotel services, which is a fundamental factor in the choice of strategic partners.

After signing the stipulated contract for the provision of hotel services, special terms of cooperation for partners begin to take effect, which entail multiple significant advantages.

The “advantages” of working with the Hotel Start are:
  • Individual approach of the hotel staff to each of the many clients;
  • Special offers to partners regarding pricing;
  • Information support;
  • Providing special awards to partner leaders who have demonstrated excellent performance on the results of the past year.

Specially designed Tourist group package tours (from 20 people) with a visit to the main attractions of the hero-city of Volgograd.